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Wildlife Encounters

Glimpse astounding creatures.

Ever touched a skink or come close enough to hear elephants breathing? A sea of wildebeest, a pod of pelicans, a leap of leopards, a streak of tigers. The world over, wonderful wildlife encounters await.

E.g., 2014-08-01
Unlucky in love? Out for revenge? Need a cure for hayfever? Get your cocoa leaves read, buy a spell or pick up a dried llama fetus (ideal for sacrificing) at th
Trip Code: gsgc
Duration: 56 days
From Price: $4,565
See Details

Two of the most dynamic cities in the world coupled with one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World…. What could be better? Oh yes, a tango show! When you h

Trip Code: labf1
Duration: 10 days
From Price: $2,849
See Details

Short flights allow you to make the most of your Kenyan safari.

Trip Code: afsm1
Duration: 5 days
From Price: $2,548
See Details

The Nazca Lines are Geoglyphs, so huge and so enigmatic, carefully etched on the ground of one of the driest places on Earth – not many mysteries captivate

Trip Code: laln1
Duration: 4 days
From Price: $949
See Details

Stand beneath red dunes the size of mountains, capture a desert sunrise and frolic on the

Trip Code: afnd1
Duration: 7 days
From Price: $3,325
See Details

This town has gone through many permutations during its history. It was originally settled

Trip Code: laus1
Duration: 4 days
From Price: $499
See Details

Most cities have zoos, Nairobi however is a show off and has a national park right in the

Trip Code: afkb1
Duration: 1 days
From Price: $165
See Details

Enjoy one of the most incredible views in all Peru: Lake Titicaca in Puno. It is the world’s highest navigable lake.

Trip Code: lalt1
Duration: 4 days
From Price: $1,139
See Details

This is the way to see the Okavango Delta: stay in a luxurious lodge on a private reserve,

Trip Code: afoh1
Duration: 5 days
From Price: $5,766
See Details

The official name of this land in original Portuguese records was the "Land of the Holy Cross" (Terra da Santa Cruz),but European sailors and merchants commo

Trip Code: labh1
Duration: 12 days
From Price: $5,469
See Details
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