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Top Selling Trips

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Wildlife Encounters

Glimpse astounding creatures.

Ever touched a skink or come close enough to hear elephants breathing? A sea of wildebeest, a pod of pelicans, a leap of leopards, a streak of tigers. The world over, wonderful wildlife encounters await.

E.g., 2014-07-31

A unique trek amid the volcanic Galapagos archipelago

Trip Code: tpg
Duration: 16 days
From Price: $5,435
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A First Class yacht-based cruise around the 'Enchanted Isles' with incredible wildlife encounters guaranteed

Trip Code: aag
Duration: 11 days
From Price: $4,460
See Details

Ecuador's contrasting ecosystems, from jungle to marine paradise

Trip Code: aaj
Duration: 16 days
From Price: $6,210
See Details

The very best of the Enchanted Isles: wildlife, walking, swimming and snorkelling on a leisurely two-week small-boat cruise

Trip Code: aaw
Duration: 18 days
From Price: $7,350
See Details
The tropical wet and dry forests of Manuel Antonio National Park make it a unique haven for 270 species of bird life. Expect forest walks to be accompanied by b
Trip Code: psar
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $1,386
See Details
Magnificent scenery, superb rainforest lowlands, endangered wildlife and fascinating cultures are only a part of the charm of Borneo. The wilds of Borneo offer
Trip Code: pabe
Duration: 17 days
From Price: $5,195
See Details

With its dense rainforests, tropical coastal islands, mysterious jungle valleys and abundant wildlife, Borneo is a rare place on this planet today. On our ad

Trip Code: ptoo
Duration: 10 days
From Price: $2,730
See Details

The floating islands of Lake Titicaca are made from totora reeds, and walking on them is somewhat like setting foot on a waterbed. The root of the totora ree

Trip Code: psig
Duration: 23 days
From Price: $7,775
See Details
A circuit trip through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Sight rhinos and flamingos in Lake Nakuru two animals as opposite as animals come. Hang with the chimpanzees i
Trip Code: gamg
Duration: 16 days
From Price: $945
See Details
Try these priate pickup lines on Buccaneer Cove:'I must be huntin' treasure, cause i'm diggin your chest.''Arrrrrrrrrrr you free Friday?'
Trip Code: GSCGB
Duration: 10 days
From Price: $3,615
See Details
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