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Responsible Traveller

Welcome to Adventure Center

Since 1972 we've helped shape what responsible travel means. Fundamentally, it has always been rooted in immersing ourselves and our clients in the countries they visit by exposing them to local people, culture, wildlife and the delicate balance that sustains the environments in which these communities thrive.


Responsible travel is...

Small groups--Lowering the environmental and cultural impact that travellers have on places and the people that live in them. When huge tour buses unleash dozens of tourists in a remote village in Africa, Asia or anywhere else, it has a shocking, negative effect on the people that live there.

Local sourcing--We do our best to use independent and locally-owned accommodation. We support other local businesses as much as possible. We always look to keep more money in the local economy.

Putting our hearts into it - When everyone involved with the organization of a trip promotes and adheres to sustainable travel principles, travellers cannot help but embrace them. Tour companies have an obligation to, not only create responsible tours, but also to pass on these values. We hope that you will put them into practice on future trips and pass them on to fellow travellers.

Other tips include...

Know before you go--Research, ask us ask your friends, do what you can to to familiarize yourself with the culture, language & customs of your destination.

Carbon offset your flights--Air travel is a major contributor to climate change.  By investing in offsets you contribute to energy efficiency programmes around the globe.  This ensures that the same amount of carbon your flights produce is prevented from entering the atmosphere in the first place.  

Begging and presents--Don’t give out sweets or presents to children.  Giving will only teach them that begging is rewarding and this can undermine parental authority. It is far better to interact with children.  Consider giving to a charity in the country you visit.

Photography--If you wish to photograph somebody, always ask permission of your hosts.
Religious customs and local traditions--These vary enormously around the world and are often an integral part of the local way of life. It is important to respect these in the way that you behave and dress. Remember you are the visitor, and by showing respect you will be appreciated and respected yourself!

Bargaining--This is part of the way of life in many places, but remember: the shopkeeper has to make a living. Be firm but polite but don’t agree on a price and then walk away.

Litter--Reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Use rubbish bins or take it with you if bins are not provided.

Toiletries--Bring biodegradable soaps from home and avoid using the hotel soaps.  Bring your own towel.

In the wild and while camping--If no toilets are available, make sure you “do your thing” 30m from a water source, bury waste in the organic layer and take toilet paper with you in a Ziploc bag.  When washing, avoid contaminating streams & lakes with soap.  Rinse off 30m away from the water.  

Hikes & walks--Stay on the trail and avoid taking shortcuts as these can lead to erosion.  

Wildlife & nature--Avoid disturbing wildlife and damaging their natural habitat.  Take care not to touch coral reefs and do not feed animals or fish. 

Do not pick flowers.  Please do not encourage dancing bears or snake charmers.

Local Produce, Souvenirs & Artefacts--Buy local produce, clothing and souvenirs.  Be careful when buying articles made from plant or animal products. The trade in tourist souvenirs can threaten endangered species. Many animals, plants and animal products are protected. However, non-restricted items may still cause damage: the collecting of sea shells, for example, can greatly damage coral reefs.  Items from ancient civilizations may still be found or bought in countries such as Peru. Although they may appear discarded or available to buy, leave them where you find them.

Over the years, our trip operators have become increasingly pro-active about ensuring that trips foster positive relations with locals by maximizing the economic benefits for people and minimizing the environmental impact. Adventure Center partner companies all put responsible travel values into practice. When you book a trip with us, you can be assured that you'll be traveling responsibly.

Adventure Offsets

Despite all of our best efforts, flying to your destination represents the biggest environmental drawback of international travel. While strides are being made on aircraft efficiency, they still release hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The good news is there's an easy way to offset some of the carbon emissions associated with your flights. Our partner Sustainable Travel International invests in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that reduce carbon emissions. With the proceeds from your Adventure Offset purchase, in collaboration with Sustainable Travel International, we help finance climate protection projects in different countries, thereby enabling you to compensate for the impact of your air travel. Purchase Adventure Offsets here.


Adventure Center is a sponsor of  Sustainable Travel International

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