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South America

Walk the Path of the Inca

Smiling, beguiling, South America sashays to a frenetic beat. It pulses through Rio's Carnaval and ricochets off Andean peaks, dropping to a whisper in the lost cities of the Inca and the still of the Amazon Rainforest. Whether you leave civilization behind in the wilds of Patagonia or dance all night in Cali, you're sure to catch the infectious spirit of this land. 

E.g., 2014-10-31
A dramatic high altitude trek in the Andean range made famous in Joe Simpson's 'Touching the Void'
Trip Code: tph
Duration: 21 days
From Price: $3,255
See Details
Incomparable biodiversity in Manu National Park Watch the fascinating mating dance of the Andean cock-of-the-rock and visit a macaw clay lick Search for Spectac
Trip Code: apw
From Price: $3,850
See Details
Spectacular altiplano, coastal desert and the classic trek
Trip Code: tpd
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $2,535
See Details
Discover southern Peru's Inca ruins, highland scenery and lush rainforest
Trip Code: tpj
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $3,325
See Details
Follow in the footsteps of the Incas Explore Machu Picchu at dawn Discover Inca sites and incredible scenery
Trip Code: tpt
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $1,330
See Details
The highlights of Peru on our best-value two week trip
Trip Code: apd
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $2,450
See Details

South America's archaeological and natural jewels

Trip Code: apg
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $5,810
See Details
"In the variety of its charms and the power of its spell, I know of no place in the world which can compare with it. Not only had it great snow peaks looming ab
Trip Code: rsae
Duration: 10 days
From Price: $6,230
See Details
This trek explores the Cordillera Vilcabamba, a rugged mountain chain that rises between the Apurimac and Urubamba rivers. Any route to Machu Picchu is special,
Trip Code: psht
Duration: 14 days
From Price: $2,010
See Details
The Amazon is something that you shouldnt leave behind if you go to South America because some of the trekking is fantastic. Going out at night in the dugout ca
Trip Code: psjc5
Duration: 5 days
From Price: $5,205
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