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North America

There’s No Place Like Home

Some people never leave North America. Ever. And with all the happening cities, native cultures, soaring mountain ranges and vast wildernesses, who can blame them? Add the  hispanic traditions of Mexico and the French influence of the northeast, and we really do have it all: the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. It's a rich tapestry of big, bold adventure awaiting out your back door. 

E.g., 2014-07-25
Experience the arctic wilderness on one of our most remote and extreme itineraries, where the native cultures of Alaska and Canada and rugged mountain terrain w
Trip Code: PYK
Duration: 19 days
From Price: $5,039
See Details
Hike along an extensive network of trails in some of the best national parks in Canada and spot the bountiful wildlife that call the area home including bear, e
Trip Code: PRW
Duration: 12 days
From Price: $2,399
See Details
Rugged, unspoilt and off the tourist trail, Northern New England and Canada's Maritime Provinces reveal their unique charm, rich history and hidden secrets to t
Trip Code: PAM
Duration: 13 days
From Price: $3,149
See Details
There really is only one Cuba, a slow paced and colourful country with salsa music pulsating through its veins. Admire Havana's rich and colourful history and e
Trip Code: TCU
Duration: 8 days
From Price: $1,310
See Details

Journey from vibrant Miami to the Everglades, where alligators are king. Snorkel the stunning Biscayne National Park and drop in on Key West, the southernmos

Trip Code: PFK
Duration: 4 days
See Details
Wildlife abounds in Baja Califonia's bays and lagoons
Trip Code: afj
Duration: 9 days
See Details

Cycle through the stunning Viales Valley Learn about the importance of tobacco in Cuba Combine with Cuban Highlights Ride for a 2 week adventure!

Trip Code: maf
Duration: 8 days
See Details

A taster trip through three neighbouring but contrasting cities, perfect for those who are short on time. Skyscrapers and neon make way for national monument

Trip Code: PNN
Duration: 3 days
From Price: $589
See Details
Delve into the vibrant musical culture of Cuba, one of the world's most invigorating and passionate cultures. Get caught up the Rumba of Havana, take a salsa cl
Trip Code: qusa
Duration: 9 days
See Details

Witness the magic of the northern lights at their best, delve into Denali National Park, admire snowy peaks, and explore the more remote areas of Alaska as w

Trip Code: AWN
Duration: 8 days
See Details
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