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Top Selling Trips

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Overland Journeys

Truck trips to the back of beyond.

Adventure travel traces its roots back to overland expeditions. In some parts of the world, it's the only way to go. See more. Lend a hand. Experience the power of self-sufficiency on a journey of discovery across a nation, or across the continent.

E.g., 2014-07-31
Travelling from the beaches of East Africa to the magnificent Victoria Falls in the heart of Southern Africa, get an incredible insight into the life of rural A
Trip Code: AZW
Duration: 43 days
From Price: $2,295
See Details
Africa's Rift Valley is home to some remarkable tribal groups and visiting them is one of the biggest highlights of this adventurous trip. It's a challenging re
Trip Code: ZEN
Duration: 24 days
From Price: $1,620
See Details
This short but intensive trip, a fantastic blend of active adventure and cultural sites, combines many of Chinas highlights with some of its hidden gems. So, yo
Trip Code: CHM
Duration: 17 days
From Price: $1,112
See Details
Ask anyone who has travelled the world what their most life-affirming trip has been and its very likely to be answered: India. As the only major operator to off
Trip Code: WKZ
Duration: 82 days
From Price: $4,325
See Details
We've cherry picked the 'best bits' of Ghana and its much less visited but just as fascinating neighbours, Togo and Benin, to create what is unquestionably one
Trip Code: ZAA
Duration: 21 days
From Price: $1,490
See Details
This trip is designed specially for families. Youll explore two of the worlds greatest game reserves, the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, where you'll see
Trip Code: FEA
Duration: 17 days
From Price: $2,880
See Details
Travelling through Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina is to experience what makes South America so diverse. Youll journey from the Andes, trekking to Machu Picc
Trip Code: LLS
Duration: 43 days
From Price: $2,498
See Details
This is an epic overland adventure for those who love the outdoors, with plenty of camping in national parks of outstanding natural beauty. You'll also have the
Trip Code: ZSB
Duration: 34 days
From Price: $2,489
See Details
This epic trip takes you right the way across South America from Quito to Rio, from steaming jungle to icy mountain passes, from sparkling salt flats to Brazil'
Trip Code: LQR
Duration: 79 days
From Price: $4,374
See Details
If youre the kind of traveller who gets a buzz out of the great outdoors, then this challenging trip into Central Asias mountainous hinterland will get you righ
Trip Code: KYR
Duration: 17 days
From Price: $1,188
See Details
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