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Middle East

A Pilgrimage to Adventure

The birthplace of three world religions is all the more enticing for being less traveled. It's a land of warm, welcoming people, spice-filled souks and magnificent sights. From the Great Pyramids to soaring desert dunes, rich green oases and magnificent sea coasts, the Middle East is alive, fresh, and ready to embrace you with open arms. Come fall in love!

E.g., 2014-07-14
Top Selling
Cycle through spectacular desert scenery Visit the UNESCO site of PetraCamp under the stars in the Wadi Rum
Trip Code: mxw
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $1,575
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Trek in the Wadi Rum Walk to the fabled city of Petra Spend a night in a Bedouin camp
Trip Code: txw
Duration: 5 days
From Price: $875
See Details
Magical desert trek including the stunning Rose-red city
Trip Code: txr
Duration: 8 days
From Price: $1,365
See Details
Ride spectacular desert trails Visit the UNESCO site of Petra Swim in the Dead Sea
Trip Code: mxd
Duration: 8 days
From Price: $1,485
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Visit the highlights of Jordan including magnificent Petra
Trip Code: axw
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $1,190
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Jordan is a poets reverie. Rock-hewn Petra is adorned with myths and mystery. The Wadi Rum desert rolls forever into the horizon, an ocean of gold. Beautiful Am
Trip Code: rgjd
Duration: 8 days
From Price: $4,015
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"I love taking people to the sights they wont find in a guidebook. Walk around the central part of Amman and travellers can see how Jordanians really live. In t
Trip Code: pgei
Duration: 22 days
From Price: $5,540
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The sweeping desert and echoing formations of Wadi Rum, the hidden, hand-hewn facades of Petra and the ancient Roman ruins at Jerash all make Jordan a true adve
Trip Code: pgje
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $1,290
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To explore the ancient lands of Jordan and Israel is to come face to face with the various epochs of history that have made us who we are. The Jordanian capital
Trip Code: pgji
Duration: 12 days
From Price: $3,375
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Travel to Jordan and cycle through the ancient sites of Madaba, Mt Nebo and one of the world's most spectacular sights - the 'Rose-Red City' of Petra. Away from
Trip Code: xzxw
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $1,575
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