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Meet the Team at our Adventure Center - Wholesale

We know adventure because we live it. Guess what we do with our vacation time? That's right, we travel. And in preparing you for your ideal adventure, Adventure Center consultants draw upon personal experiences as well as videos, pre-departure booklets and recommended reading lists.

Adventure Center - Wholesale

+1 (780) 433 1283
Toll Free: 1 (888) 456-3522
Office Hours: 

Hours for live Reservations Consultant coverage
Mon-Fri 7:30-6:00 (MST)

Lisa Olsen


“Adventure” is:   Trying anything
WOW travel moment:   Seeing Abu Simbel for the first time after watching it being relocated on National Geographic when I was a kid.
Favourite market town:   The market at Inle Lake, Myanmar
Weirdest meal:   Everything – I’m a picky eater!
Unforgettable wildlife experience:   Snorkeling in the Galapagos and seeing sharks below me.
Most memorable festival:  Dragon boat festival - Myanmar
Highest altitude:   2800 m – Quito Ecuador
Biggest travel regret:   When I was in Brazil, I didn't get a chance to visit Iguazu Falls
Next destination:   Greece
I always pack:   sunscreen
Favourite souvenir:   Shells from the Philippines
Preferred retirement location:   On a small island where I get around by bike

Sasha Ritchie


“Adventure” is:   in your blood. It’s addicting!
WOW travel moment:   Stepping onto the beach for the first time on my very first adventure in Costa Rica.
Favourite market town:   Luang Prabang in Laos or Chichicastengo in Guatemala
Weirdest meal:   Miscellaneous street meat from around the world
Unforgettable wildlife experience:   Being five feet away from a prowling leopard in the Masai Mara
Most memorable festival:   Oxford Pride Festival in the UK
Highest altitude:   In Puno, Peru and altitude sickness kicked my butt!
Biggest travel regret:   When I was in Poland, I didn't eat enough perogies.
Next destination:   My honeymoon…still undecided. Any suggestions?
I always pack:   My mushroom print towel
Favourite souvenir:   An incredible hand-woven tapestry from the Tibetan market in Delhi
Preferred retirement location:   Nicaragua and run a funky little beach hotel. No more winter!

Betty Ann McBlain


“Adventure” is:   Exciting new experiences, in exciting new places!
WOW travel moment:   Rappelling into a cenote in the Yucatan
Favourite market town:   Istanbul, Turkey
Weirdest meal:   in Ukraine – dried fish & home-made vodka
Unforgettable wildlife experience:   A grizzly bear – Denali National Park, Alaska
Most memorable festival:   Festival of San Fermin & the Running of the Bulls
Highest altitude:   2,993 m – Cirque Peak, Rocky Mountains
Biggest travel regret:   When I was in China, I didn't hike Tiger Leaping Gorge
Next destination:   Venice, Croatia & Greece
I always pack:   Merino wool tights
Favourite souvenir:   A Turkish rug
Preferred retirement location:   Agay, France

Julianna Guy


“Adventure” is:   trying something new, somewhere new
WOW travel moment:  Sitting at Machu Picchu and realizing I was actually there after a lifetime of dreaming about going.
Favourite market town:   Otovalo
Weirdest meal:   the one I had in China. I still have no idea what I was eating.
Unforgettable wildlife experience:   Tracking, on foot, wild rhinos in the Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe...that and walking with the lions at Vic Falls!
Most memorable festival:   Old Year celebrations in Quito with the burning of “monigotes” at every corner!
Highest altitude:   a little over 11 000 meters on my most recent flight!
Biggest travel regret:   I have no regrets....only a reason to go back!
Next destination:   Spain
I always pack:  A camera
Favourite souvenir:   Most expensive: Tanzanite & diamond ring. Favorite: A hand carved hippopotamus from Africa
Preferred retirement location:   Cuenca, Ecuador

Karen Bouchard, Manager


“Adventure” is:   Awesome
WOW travel moment:   Watching Mount Yasur on Tanna Island erupt a few feet away from me
Favourite market town:   Stanley market in Hong Kong
Weirdest meal:   Flying fox in Vanuatu
Unforgettable wildlife experience:   Our tour leader gently pulling me out of the way from a knit stripe snake inches away in New Caledonia
Most memorable festival:   Watching men get crucified and self flagellate in the Philippines during Easter very gory but definitely memorable
Highest altitude:   3,130 m (10,269 ft) The Gornergrat in Switzerland
Biggest travel regret:   When I was in Thailand, I didn't buy that brass Buddah statue for $75.00
Next destination:  
I always pack:   A camera
Favourite souvenir:   Rubies in northern Thailand
Preferred retirement location:   St Kitts

Nadine Gravis, BDM - East

“Adventure” is:   Escaping the boundaries of comfort zones, familiarities and everyday experiences—adventure is freedom from the ordinary!
WOW travel moment:   Driving a rickety old car through the colourful city of Havana Cuba with the windows down, music blaring, and 3 of my best friends filling the car with contagious laughter…on my 21st birthday
Favourite market town:   Livingstone, Zambia
Weirdest meal:   Eating springbok at a game restuarant in Namibia
Unforgettable wildlife experience:   Stumbling upon an elephant close by on land whilst in a Mokoro on the waters of the Okovango delta in Botswana.
Most memorable festival:  
Highest altitude:   Table Mountain in Cape Town SA, with a little help from the cable car I reached the plateau
Biggest travel regret:   When I was in Italy, I wish I had visited Rome.
Next destination:   I’d like to hit Brazil next. It really speaks to me.
I always pack:   Some fruity lip smacker! Nothing worse than crackly lips on the road.
Favourite souvenir:   My Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses that I splurged on in Italy.
Preferred retirement location:   Cape Town, it’s my favourite city in the whole world.

Megan Bailey, BDM - West

“Adventure” is:   An opportunity to experience the world from another point of view.
WOW travel moment:   An early morning walk with a Maasai Warrior, watching zebras grazing as the fog lifted.
Favourite market town:   Hoi An, Vietnam; with hundreds of tailors making anything you can imagine, what’s not to love?
Weirdest meal:   Tarantulas in Cambodia.
Unforgettable wildlife experience:   Watching two adolescent lions devour a wildebeest. When we drove by later, vultures were picking the bones and that evening we saw a hyena dragging what was left away
Most memorable festival:   Songkran in Laos.
Highest altitude:   How about the lowest? 40 metres under the sea scuba diving
Biggest travel regret:   When I was in Australia I didn’t make it to The Outback to see Uluru.
Next destination:   Who knows?
I always pack:   Journal, camera and sense of humour!
Favourite souvenir:   A gift from a Maasai warrior, a Rungu is a wooden throwing club, used for hunting or protection. Mine hangs on my wall.
Preferred retirement location:   A bungalow on the beach in Thailand, eating green curry and drinking Singha beer.

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