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Immerse yourself in the Old World

Who hasn’t dreamt of storybook England, or the quintessential Paris café? Europe is where our roots are strongest, a collage of almost 50 unique nations all packed into a space smaller than North America. With culture, outdoor pursuits, architecture both ancient and modern and the finest food, drink and nightlife anywhere,  Europe is a dream come true.

E.g., 2014-12-20
Cycle along quiet roads with breathtaking sceneryDiscover many delightful Provencal hilltop villagesEnjoy riding in the Luberon Nature Reserve
Trip Code: lsl
Duration: 5 days
From Price: $950
See Details
Visit magnificent UNESCO chateaux Excellent food and wine of the Loire region Relaxed cycling along quiet country lanes and backroads
Trip Code: lsw
Duration: 5 days
From Price: $985
See Details
Daywalks from a comfortable hotel in the stunning central Pyrenees
Trip Code: tep
Duration: 8 days
From Price: $1,710
See Details
The classic Tour du Mont Blanc, probably the most dramatic walk in Europe
Trip Code: twb
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $2,185
See Details
Enjoy mouth-watering food and wine Cycle through dramatic scenery Stay in excellent hotels, all with swimming pools
Trip Code: lhd
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $2,375
See Details
"You can't escape the past in Paris, and yet what's so wonderful about it is that the past and present intermingle so intangibly that it doesn't see
Trip Code: pefr
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $3,410
See Details
Home to foie gras and black truffle, the Dordogne is an enticing mix of sumptuous cuisine, charming villages and rich prehistoric sites. Your local leader will
Trip Code: pefd
Duration: 8 days
From Price: $2,360
See Details
Combine the best of Western Europe with a Moroccan sojourn on this unforgettable adventure tour. Cycle through the Tuscan countryside, hike the velvet-grassed v
Trip Code: zmsxc
Duration: 50 days
From Price: $9,495
See Details
From the romantic capital of France to magnificent Madrid, this adventure is packed with art, nature, culture and history. Enjoy the sparkling lights of Paris,
Trip Code: amsf
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $3,595
See Details
Tour France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco on an incredible adventure from Paris to Marrakech. Travel from romantic Paris, over the sun-soaked Iberian Peninsula a
Trip Code: amsbc
Duration: 29 days
From Price: $6,195
See Details
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