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Immerse yourself in the Old World

Who hasn’t dreamt of storybook England, or the quintessential Paris café? Europe is where our roots are strongest, a collage of almost 50 unique nations all packed into a space smaller than North America. With culture, outdoor pursuits, architecture both ancient and modern and the finest food, drink and nightlife anywhere,  Europe is a dream come true.

E.g., 2014-07-23
Visit three countries in twelve days Admire Trakai Castle and other fascinating sites Take a boat trip across the Curonian Lagoon
Trip Code: avv
Duration: 12 days
From Price: $1,750
See Details
Cycle through three countries Explore three fascinating capital cities Visit the fairytale Trakai castle
Trip Code: mvb
Duration: 11 days
From Price: $1,890
See Details
There is a legend surrounding Lithuania's Lake Galve, which says that the lake will not freeze until it has taken the life of a drowning man. To prevent thi
Trip Code: peel
Duration: 8 days
From Price: $2,440
See Details
This whistlestop tour of the Baltic Capitals captures the history of this less discovered corner of Europe. In a week you will wander the old towns of each of t
Trip Code: eecb
Duration: 6 days
From Price: $1,053
See Details
Experience the ambiance of two contrasting capitals, elegant St Petersburg and hedonistic Moscow. Explore the charming Old Town of Riga and the winding cobbled
Trip Code: eemw
Duration: 13 days
From Price: $2,113
See Details
Catch the relentless Trans-Mongolian train from the furthest eastern reaches of Asia in Beijing as it spans two continents, trundling through the remoteness of
Trip Code: eecp
Duration: 27 days
From Price: $6,409
See Details
Marvel at modern Warsaw once devastated by war, now restored and revitalised, wander the winding cobbled streets of Vilinius and explore the charming Old Town o
Trip Code: eewm
Duration: 13 days
From Price: $2,113
See Details
This ultimate trans-continental adventure departing from Budapest and travelling east as far as it's almost possible to go. After journeying through Eastern Eur
Trip Code: eehc
Duration: 37 days
From Price: $7,919
See Details
Travel by train from one the heart of one region right through to the eastern reaches of another. Travelling from historic Warsaw through the grand cities of Ea
Trip Code: eepc
Duration: 27 days
From Price: $6,409
See Details
This fascinating journey takes you from the dazzling capital of Russia through the little known Baltic states and countries once hidden behind the Iron Curtain
Trip Code: eebu
Duration: 23 days
From Price: $3,320
See Details
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