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Central America

Temples in the Mist

Just south of us lies an exotic paradise: cloud forest-clad volcanoes, glorious Mayan ruins and ancient cultures. Feel the legendary warmth of upbeat hispanic peoples wherever you may be: amidst the kaleidoscopic colours of a bustling market, sunning on the superb beaches of the Atlantic or the Pacific, or swaying gently to a salsa rhythm. ¡Pura vida!

E.g., 2014-12-26
Sloths are so incredibly sluggish that algae can grow on their fur. They spend as much as 20 hours per day sleeping, clinging tightly to tree limbs and often ha
Trip Code: psrf
Duration: 14 days
From Price: $2,465
See Details
Explore the jungles, mountains and coasts of this natural paradise
Trip Code: auc
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $2,710
See Details

Discover Central America's natural wonders, colonial cities and friendly people by bike

Trip Code: muc
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $3,150
See Details
Cycle stretches of the spectacular coastal highway Wildlife viewing in Manuel Antonio and Tortuguero National Park Short road transfers - more time spent c
Trip Code: mud
Duration: 14 days
From Price: $3,230
See Details
The tropical wet and dry forests of Manuel Antonio National Park make it a unique haven for 270 species of bird life. Expect forest walks to be accompanied by b
Trip Code: psar
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $1,550
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When hiking in Boquete keep an eye out for the resplendant quetzal, a bird with near-mythic status around these parts. Sacred to the ancient Mayans and Aztec pe
Trip Code: pspa
Duration: 10 days
From Price: $2,425
See Details
Adventure-lovers rejoice! Here is a trip that delivers pure beach bliss, idyllic islands, curious creatures and small towns packed with charm. First travel to C
Trip Code: qvrc
Duration: 13 days
From Price: $1,245
See Details
Every year thousands of tourists travel to Costa Rica but few get to experience this charismatic country's real way of life. On this Classic Costa Rica trip you
Trip Code: qvsr
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $1,530
See Details
The jewel of Central America, Costa Rica's environment is world-renowned for being diverse, vibrant and healthy. If youre short on time but want a taste of this
Trip Code: qvkr
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $1,550
See Details
If Costa Rica was a food, it would taste like a cross between coffee and vinegar. OK that sounds gross. But you can't leave without trying shade-grown Costa
Trip Code: gsch
Duration: 10 days
From Price: $1,460
See Details
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