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Where Would You Like to Be This Week?

Buzz Poole
02/27/2012 - 12:06

Last February, I took a trip to Hawaii. My wife has family there, so in Honolulu not only did we have a place to stay, but we also got a local’s lay of the land, as well as some solid tips for a jaunt over to Kauai. Neither of us had been to Hawaii and neither of us had ever taken a trip that pulled us right out of East Coast winter and delivered us to tropical paradise. I woke up this past Monday in New York to more snow. True, it did look nice coating the parked cars, awnings and trees like rich sugary frosting, but walking to the train I realized I am over winter. Not forever, just for this year.


Even before this sick-of-winter feeling came over me, a few weeks ago we were discussing what a treat it had been to leave slush and wind chill behind, if only for a week or so. Lush breezes and the colorful blooms and plumes make a psychological impact on someone that has been living in the cold, short days of winter. After a summer of travel, my trips over the last few months have been limited to the northern part of the eastern seaboard. Luckily, there are many fine people and places between Washington DC and Maine. Come April, I will be out of the country on two occasions, to England and Japan. But by then, spring will be greening its way across the northern hemisphere, so I’ll be traveling from one lovely moderate climate to another. There are several more weeks of potential winter between now and then, however.

When I lived in California, I readily did away with the four seasons, happy to exchange them for year-round fresh produce and bountiful sunshine interrupted by the odd month of rain. I do like the four seasons, except when I don’t. This age of affordable flights has made globetrotting a reality. If you have the means, you can fly through time zones and seasons on a whim. Such mobility is a luxury most of us take for granted. But it really is amazing to think about the ease with which you can go from summer to winter, or vice versa, depending on your taste in climates.


Do you like to travel with the seasons or away from them?

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