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What Travel-Related Items Are On Your Gift List?

Buzz Poole
12/13/2011 - 00:00

With only eighteen days left in 2011, media outlets, pundits and hacks are posting best-of-the-year lists and gift guides. So whether you’re trying to figure out what to buy for that special traveler in your life or thinking about what you want for yourself, here are some excellent travel-related resources with plenty of good ideas, ranging from cheap to spendy.

Discovery has put together a cool list. I like the water purification bottle and the cute little illustrated book where you can point to whatever you need or want when language gets in the way. But the real standout, and something I’ve never thought of before, is the idea of buying airline miles for someone so they can put them toward their next trip.

The Frugal Traveler put together a budget-conscience list of items sure to come in handy when on the road. I suppose everyone can use more little TSA-approved liquid containers for their carry-on bags, but I tend to prefer gifts, no matter if I’m giving or receiving, with a bit more personality. To that end, the Frommer’s Remix Guide caught my eye. Say you know someone preparing for a trip to England and that person is bored by Shakespeare and fine art, but loves soccer, bespoke apparel and smoked fish. Using Frommer’s established wealth of resources, anyone can dial in the particulars of a traveler’s taste and compile a personalized travel guide.

The BBC and Lonely Planet teamed up to compile a list of books, gadgets and luggage for any traveler’s needs. From quality pocket-sized cameras to a “portable personal trainer” bracelet that monitors your vital signs and keeps track of your steps and calories, this list is one of the more comprehensive ones.

Of course, this is the twenty-first century. How would we know if not for being tricked out with all of the latest tech gear? Battery chargers, wifi boosters, the latest smartphones, great sounding speakers that you can bring anywhere and plenty more doodads selected for the world traveler have been reviewed by the folks at CNET, ensuring that you can always stay connected, should you want to.

What travel-related gifts do you want this holiday season?

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