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Adventure Blog

What Are Your 2011 Highlights?

Buzz Poole
12/27/2011 - 00:00

It’s that time of year again, folks – the end of the year. Cliché for sure, but 2011 sure seemed to fly by faster than 2010. Doubtless it will be 2013 in no time. But before 2012 arrives, why not recall fondly some of the Adventure Center Blog 2011 highlights? For those of you keeping track, we ramped up the regularity of posts, trying to keep the content engaging, fun and informative. How did we do?

This year, I was surprised by the number of Christmas cards sent to my wife and me. It’s always great to receive posted correspondences that aren’t catalogs or bills. Do you still send postcards?

If you do, that means you go places. Why do you travel? For fun, soul searching, for a change of pace? Should it even matter so long as you go?

For any traveler, customs is an inevitability.

If you followed the previous link, you know that even astronauts have to fill out customs forms when they return from missions. Many of you wouldn’t let that stop you from being a space tourist.

Legendary travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor died this year, as did Christopher Hitchens, who wrote about Fermor for Slate.

Travel hackers run up miles and points just for the sake of it. Others fly to distant places but then limit their interaction with the place because they are cheap. Are they both “budget travelers”?

Gifts that remind you of bad souvenirs aren’t as bad because you didn’t buy the gift. What is the value of souvenirs?

Segway: Yay or Nay – What else do I have to say?

Many of you are cycling enthusiasts, so it made sense that you were interested in legislation prohibiting cyclists from roads on federal land, like national parks.

I just rode Amtrak from Boston to New York, much more comfortable than the bus and no traffic! Huzzah for railroads!

And Happy New Year!

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