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Adventure Blog

What’s Your Favorite Latin America Adventure?

Buzz Poole
09/20/2011 - 00:00

This past weekend’s New York Times travel section was titled “Latin America, Head to Toe.” From Mexico to Argentina, Latin America comprises a ridiculous amount of diversity, both in terms of geography and cultures. In truth, no matter your preferences when it comes to travel, Latin America has something for everyone – from the glitzy urban cultures of Mexico City, Rio and Buenos Aires to miles upon miles of pristine coastline, relics of ancient civilizations, mountains, deserts and rain forests. And in these tough economic times, it makes sense that the Times chose to feature countries where exchange rates greatly favor the US dollar.

I’ve kicked around and had loads of fun in Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina. I’ve never been to Belize, Nicaragua, Ecuador or Suriname, all of which receive ample coverage, along with Argentina. With the exception of the Dutch, I don’t think many people have ever visited the Florida-sized Suriname, though

One place the rest of the world has known about for a long time is Argentina. Rightfully so, it is a beautiful country that can also boast a city as alluring, to me at least, as any in the world. Beautiful people, excellent food and no shortage of things to do, this is one of a handful of countries where I’ve spent time and feel like I would actually enjoy living there (other countries on this list include Japan and Spain). I am surprised that the Times hung the Argentina coverage on this story about a four-day road trip through the northern part of Patagonia. Yes, it is a stunning landscape, but one that has received plenty of coverage.

That said, I’d go back in a heartbeat so I guess there is good reason to showcase not only a portion of this one country but the entire landmass that straddles the equator.

What is your favorite Latin America adventure?

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