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Adventure Blog

Travel Odds and Ends

Buzz Poole
05/01/2012 - 06:44
Soft drink word preference map, via The Atlantic

As I’m wont to do from time to time, below are some links to travel-related stories sure to pique your curiosity, or not. Either way, feel free to comment, or share with us what you’ve been reading.

Mapping more than geography: If you’ve ever wondered about the lines of distinction that determine whether soft drinks are called “soda,” “pop,” or “Coke,” and have some time to kill, Samuel Arbesman has put together some incredible maps over at The Atlantic. From how we use our phones to word-choice preferences and sports teams, Arbesman explains: “While we as humans are incredibly complicated organisms, there are a few simple rules to how we behave. We sort ourselves based on cultural similarities, and these in turn are related to how we choose to move from place to place, and even with whom we communicate.  A lot of these boundaries are porous and messy, allowing for a rich diversity of cultural flow. But knowing how we interact as part of a complex society, instead of only looking at political borders, can explain a lot more than we might have imagined.”

Travel the world with the Smithsonian: Do you have $66,950 burning a hole in your pocket? If so, maybe you should use it to join Smithsonian Journeys new Extraordinary Cultures Around the World by Private Jet. The trip’s name is actually a little deceiving since Europe and the Americas are not among the destinations. But if you want to jet around Asia and a bit of Africa, and jam with the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart in Bali, this trip is for you!

Waterloo Bridge, via The New York Times

All eyes on London: With the London Olympics just around the corner, The New York Times dedicated this past weekend’s Travel section to the capital, taking readers on neighborhood tours. It is one of the world’s great cities to be sure, but according to this Gulliver post, clearing customs is becoming increasingly difficult, and time consuming.

Looking for a nice walk?The Guardian has asked the experts about their favorite walks, ranging from extreme to easy. The options span the globe and provide plenty of ideas for anyone wanting to stroll, hike, trek, meander, jog, caper, mosey or any other mode of two-footed transport.

The world’s top fifty restaurants 2012: You’ll be hungry after all that walking so why not treat yourself to a sublime meal?

Collection of Women’s Travel DiariesBook Patrol directs its readers to Duke University’s online archive of travel diaries written by women.

What have you been reading lately?

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