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Adventure Blog

Summer Solstice Odds and Ends

Buzz Poole
06/19/2012 - 06:17
Giant ancestor statue, via Megalithic.co.uk

June 20 marks the official start of summer, giving us the longest day of the year and ample excuses to bask in the golden hour and heat up the grills. Across the globe, in the northern hemisphere at least, the next couple of months are about vacations from school, short work weeks, trips to the beach, fresh produce and staying cool. So here are some ideas to help make this summer a fun one!

Stonehenge: If you're in the UK and want to get back to pagan roots, Stonehenge welcomes "all individuals and groups conducting their own forms of ceremony and celebration providing that they are mutually respectful and tolerant of one another."  

Let the music see you through: Started in France, Fete de la Musique now exists across Europe with musicians of all stripes take to the streets of their cities and towns to usher in the solstice and bring people together around their songs. I was lucky enough to be in Tours, France, a few years ago for this event and it was amazing. I can't even imagine how wild it must get in Paris. 

Food and drink: There are no shortage of regional food and wine festivals to keep you occupied on summer evenings and weekends. Sample regional cuisine and wet your whistle with local beverages, from beers to juices.   

Summer in the city: Urban denizens might not have the big backyards but they do have planning offices that make sure plenty of events are on offer so folks can get out of their hot apartments and into cool cultural events. Here are some links for happenings in New York, London and Montreal.  

Couch time: If all the running around tires you out and some home-based R&R is called for, there is this little event in London called the Olympic Games which you should be able to watch on television. Root for your country's team and let those athletes do the hard work,

Glass half empty: Of course, if you are into doomsday scenarios based on the Mayan long count calendar, the solstice means there are only six months remaining before the end of the world. Might as well enjoy them!

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