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Adventure Blog

The Start of the Holidaze!

Buzz Poole
11/22/2011 - 00:00

It’s that time of year again, folks. From Wednesday, November 23, through January 1, 2012, we will find ourselves in the holiday season – part festive celebration, part assault on your senses and sanity – otherwise known as the Holidaze. Sure, everyone likes parties and gifts, but for every treat associated with this time of year there are some real drawbacks, like that constant bloated feeling, dealing with family and in-laws, the long lines at airports and traffic jams. No matter the holidays you do or don’t observe, it is impossible not to get wrapped up in the festivities, from crazy sales to big-time football games.

Here then are some bits and bobs from around the internet that will hopefully be of help to you as you prepare for the coming weeks:

According to the Los Angeles Times, Orbitz has announced, based on ticket sales, that LAX will be the busiest airport over the Thanksgiving weekend, with O’Hare coming in second. The Times reports: “From Nov. 19 to Nov. 28 of last year, 1.53 million passengers flew in and out of LAX, and airport officials predict the airport will surpass that total this year.”

No matter the time of year, it is easy to forget personal belongings in hotel rooms or on airplanes. When I think of leaving behind things on a plane, it’s usually a book or headphones; I’m pretty good about making sure I haven’t lost track of my wallet or passport. But this USA Today article gives a rundown of high-price items left by guests and passengers that in these instances were returned. Recovering a phone charger might not be a high priority but for the people that have left valuable jewels and high-end video equipment, it’s good to know that the lost-and-found can work.

The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos, the magazine’s man in Beijing, draws our attention to a bizarre television clip of older Chinese people singing Lady Gaga on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Traditionally, this is a time of year for families to gather, but as Osnos points out, this is less and less common these days, especially amongst the urban denizens, so the oldies stay hip and relevant by singing Lady Gaga, or that’s the theory at least.

What are you looking forward to this Holidaze season? What are you dreading?

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