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Adventure Blog

Safari Season

Buzz Poole
08/21/2012 - 06:21
via Adventure Center

Have you ever wanted to go on safari? Ask the experts about the optimal time of year to go on safari and they'll tell you that September and October are prime months to visit Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. These countries and other southeastern African nations serve as stomping grounds for some of the world's most spectacular wildlife. A big reason that the next two months make for great wildlife viewing is that the rainy season hasn't begun in these areas, meaning animals congregate by water sources, making them easy to spot. Can you imagine seeing over two million wildebeest migrating in search of water? It also doesn't hurt that the vegetation is sparse, which also lends itself to viewing animals.

Several years ago I was lucky enough to spend some time in Kenya's Masai Mara. As someone who has always been more impressed by natural landscapes than animals, even I was taken aback when I saw a herd of elephants tromping across the plains. Giraffe stand around like deer by the side of the road here in the northeast, no one bats an eye. And then there was the humbling experience of witnessing a pride of lions devour an antelope, being close enough to see the blood around their mouths. What is on view are the natural patterns and cycles that have existed in these areas for thousands of years, and being able to see them firsthand is overwhelming with its primeval grandeur. Now, I was in Kenya in April. It was really, really hot and there was no rain. The amount of wildlife viewed as we drove around the preserve blew my mind and I can't imagine anyone taking such a trip, no matter the time of year, and departing with a sense of disappointment.

The preserves in these countries are enormous and teeming with wildlife. The landscape alone is stunning for its sheer size. You've never seen a bigger sky than the one soars over this part of Africa. But since the animals are a bit easier to track this time of year there is no doubt that the experience would be enhanced in terms of the number of animals you might see. Listen to the experts - they know!

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