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Adventure Blog

Make Black Friday and Cyber Monday Special

Buzz Poole
11/20/2012 - 06:01
via The New York Times

Like most people, I too enjoy gifts, both giving and receiving them. As we stare down the barrel of the holiday season, or the Holidaze as I prefer, it is hard to ignore the madness that surrounds the act of buying and dispensing gifts this time of year. Here in the US, the Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, a day that has become synonymous with the worst in consumer behavior, with people queuing up outside of retailers in the wee hours of the morning in the name of deep discounts. We've all caught wind of the riots and physical altercations these promotions have caused, and yet the tradition lives on, and seems to be heightened this year with many stores kicking off their sales Thanksgiving night. Fire Sale Thursday can't be far off.

Honestly, I'd never thought much about the origin of "Black Friday," until now. According to Wikipedia, the term, as it relates to shopping the day after Thanksgiving, first appeared in Philadelphia, in 1961. The coinage was meant to be disparaging, a criticism of all the people who descended on Center City, causing traffic jams and, in the eyes of the police, disrupting the norm. The negative connotation stuck and slowly traveled beyond the Philadelphia region, but it wasn't until the '80s when retailers, and their marketers, spun the term to be positive: a day when stores made money and customers saved money. Win, win! Sick of your family after being cooped up with them all day, pretending you like Aunt Ruth's cranberry aspic? No worries, the malls are open so you can spend time looking for parking, waiting in line, and spending your money.

Of course, this is the twenty-first century and a great deal of retail transactions take place online. Hence, the creation of Cyber Monday. Same deal as Black Friday, but without leaving your computer. It's just like being at work! I jest. On Cyber Monday you don't have to conceal from coworkers the pink Snuggies you've been pricing.

These campaigns focused to lather us up to go out and buy stuff just for the sake of buying stuff do grow old. But that doesn't mean we should let them undermine the spirit of the season, which, among other things, is about taking a break from the daily grind, indulging a bit, and enjoying time with those you love. To me, it sounds a lot like a great trip!

So, as a reward for making it through the first hurdle of the Holidaze, why not give someone you care about, or yourself, a gift that will mean more than a clock radio? The gift of travel is a gateway to experiences that last a lifetime. Keep an eye on Adventure Center's Specials page and Adventure Travel Deal page this Friday and Monday to take advantage of deals that will get 2013 off to an exciting start for you and yours.

We're keeping the details under wraps until they go live so you can also learn about these one-time deals by liking Adventure Center of Facebook.    

Happy Thanksgiving!

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