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Adventure Blog

A Guide to Gift Guides

Buzz Poole
12/11/2012 - 07:06
via Travel + Leisure

Have you finished all of your holiday shopping? Did you take advantage of all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? What exactly do you buy for the people in your life who have everything and claim to want nothing? And what about a little something for yourself? Well have no fear, a rundown of travel-related holidays gifts is here!

BBC Travel has assembled an impressive list of gifts for all sorts of travelers, from backpackers to jet-setters. No one would argue that cameras are more prevalent than ever these days, what with them wired into smart phones and point-and-shoots sized down to credit card dimensions. But when you're on the road, how do you compose that perfect shot if you have a shaky hand? How do you get a picture of you and yours in front of some epic view or iconic structure without doing the one-arm reach or trying to flag down a stranger? The Gerber Steady Tool is a pocket-sized tripod fitted for both smart phones and compact cameras; plus it also has an array of tools any traveler will appreciate, including blades, screwdrivers, and even a bottle opener!

Over at Conde Naste's Daily Traveler, several popular travel bloggers have listed some of their favorite keepsakes and baubles that remind them of their travels or help when they arrive somewhere new. From hip designer cosmetic bags and a Tube map scarf to an Eiffel Tower plush and the redolence of Big Sur's Pacific Ocean sea mist barred into a soap there is no shortage of stocking stuffers and affordable, unique options.  

USA Today gets in on the gift guide action with seven items for travelers all under $70. The Vinnibag is one of the standouts to be sure. If you're wont to bring home bottled liquids from your adventures, whether wine from France, olive oil from Spain, a nice single malt from Scotland, or something from the duty free shop in the airport, this inflatable bag will keep your purchase in one piece, and the rest of your luggage dry and stain free. Plus, in a pinch, it would make for a passable pillow.   

Of course, if you have people in your life who identify as travelers, why not get them the gift of travel? Like Adventure Center on Facebook and find out about our 12 Days of Adventure deals, which start on December 12.

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