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Adventure Blog

Bengal Tigers: Worth More Alive

Buzz Poole
02/28/2012 - 00:00

Once again, Exodus’ resident wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein will be spending a good part of April raising awareness about, and money to fight, the plight of the endangered Bengal tiger, which is “teetering on the edge of extinction in the wild, but are holding in Bandhavgarh at 59.” This is the third year for Goldstein’s Worth More Alive campaign. Last year he ran four marathons within the span of a week, in a tiger suit, for which the UK’s Sunday Times dubbed him “a wildlife enthusiast of psychotic gusto.” This year he’s running two marathons, the first in Brighton and then in London, both in the tiger suit.

And, as a special opportunity for all wildlife and trekking enthusiasts, Goldstein is also leading a one-time-only departure that will ascend Mt Kilimanjaro. From April 13-21, travelers will have the singular opportunity to enjoy the combined experience and knowledge of Goldstein and Exodus’ Head of Product Jim Eite, whom between them have climbed Kilimanjaro fifty times. Exodus, a long-time Adventure Center partner, always travels up “Kili” along the less crowded routes and in April there are fewer people on the mountain in general, meaning Goldstein and Eite aim to get more than 80% of the group to Uhuru Peak. If you have ever wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, and support a great cause, this trip might just be for you. And hey, how many other people in the world will be able to say they climbed up to the “roof of Africa” with a guy wearing a tiger suit?

Should you want to learn more about this adventure, get in touch with Adventure Center today. If you are unable to make the trip, there is a way to help with Goldstein’s cause by donating to his Just Giving page. And, if you happen to be in London on April 12, Goldstein will be speaking at the Royal Geographical Society; all proceeds will go to Bandhavgarh National Park through Friends of Conservation.

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