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Experience the Exotic

Asia: a land so varied and vast that it defies description. From the tranquil flutter of prayer flags high in the Himalayas to the cacauphonous colour and bustle of Tokyo, Delhi and Shanghai, Asia is nothing if not alive. Ancient cultural traditions. Exotic wild places. Dense, whirring cities. Come taste life in all its glory!

E.g., 2014-08-28
Though not as famous as the likes of Angkor Wat or Burma's Shwedagon Pagoda, Thailand's historic city of Ayuthaya is no less remarkable. Between the 14t
Trip Code: paaa
Duration: 13 days
From Price: $3,780
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Stay off the beaten track in newly constructed lodges built in partnership between Peregrine and the local community. Profits from these lodges go back into sch
Trip Code: phad
Duration: 14 days
From Price: $1,745
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There are few buildings that arouse such passion that nations begin wars purely to take possession of them. Angkor Wat, in north-central Cambodia, is one of the
Trip Code: racu
Duration: 7 days
From Price: $2,530
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"Burmese food is fantastic, but when you're here you dont see a lot of Burmese restaurants. It's mostly Chinese and Indian restaurants, and the Burmese
Trip Code: pabg
Duration: 17 days
From Price: $3,348
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The China of old comes to life in the villages and along the waterways of Guilin, where tribal culture and atmospheric karst scenery are the perfect counter to
Trip Code: rahg
Duration: 4 days
From Price: $3,640
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To experience the east, you must immerse yourself in the many facets of this diverse land. From exploring the Great Wall and everything Beijing has to offer to
Trip Code: pcee
Duration: 18 days
From Price: $4,480
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Perhaps Vietnams most lovable (and modified) export is the humble bnh m the classic pork loaf roll. Encased within its crusty confines, nestled among combinati
Trip Code: pafv
Duration: 12 days
From Price: $1,508
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Kipling wrote that Burma is, 'quite unlike any land you know about a golden winking wonder that blazed in the sun. More than a century after he travelled he
Trip Code: pabu
Duration: 12 days
From Price: $2,475
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The Arabs who visited Sri Lanka when it was part of the Silk Road between Europe and China named it Serendib. This is the basis of the word serendipity. Sri Lan
Trip Code: risr
Duration: 13 days
From Price: $4,520
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Trip Code: rifv
Duration: 4 days
From Price: $2,890
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