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Experience the Exotic

Asia: a land so varied and vast that it defies description. From the tranquil flutter of prayer flags high in the Himalayas to the cacauphonous colour and bustle of Tokyo, Delhi and Shanghai, Asia is nothing if not alive. Ancient cultural traditions. Exotic wild places. Dense, whirring cities. Come taste life in all its glory!

E.g., 2014-08-29
Watch the sunrise over Bromo Explore ancient Borobudur Wander through rice paddies
Trip Code: aoj
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $1,925
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Stay in a local village Spot playful Orang-utans Soak in the Poring Hot Springs
Trip Code: fib
Duration: 11 days
From Price: $1,990
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A week of wildlife in Bandhavgarh, one of India's top tiger reserves
Trip Code: akt
Duration: 10 days
From Price: $1,750
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One of the very best alpine treks to Annapurna Base Camp, the 'Sanctuary of the Gods'
Trip Code: tns
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $1,660
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Journey through Sundarbans National Park Enjoy the forest and villages around Srimongal Marvel at temples and mosques
Trip Code: aiv
Duration: 14 days
From Price: $2,240
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Ancient cities, cool highlands, abundant wildlife and superb beaches
Trip Code: ail
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $2,010
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Surrounded by thick forests and mountains, Koya-San is home to over 2000 shrines, temples, towers, stupas and other religious buildings. A couple of hours from
Trip Code: pcjr
Duration: 12 days
From Price: $4,475
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Hon Con Coc (Toad Island) is one of 1969 limestone islands in Halong Bay. Legend has it that during the drought, a brave toad led all the thirsty animals to hea
Trip Code: pahb
Duration: 3 days
From Price: $464
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Remote Ha Giang province is regarded by locals and travellers alike as Shangri-La of Vietnamese destinations. Rolling, mountainous landscapes are dotted with li
Trip Code: pand
Duration: 10 days
From Price: $1,355
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With its dense rainforests, tropical coastal islands, mysterious jungle valleys and abundant wildlife, Borneo is a rare place on this planet today. On our ad

Trip Code: ptoo
Duration: 10 days
From Price: $2,730
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