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Experience the Exotic

Asia: a land so varied and vast that it defies description. From the tranquil flutter of prayer flags high in the Himalayas to the cacauphonous colour and bustle of Tokyo, Delhi and Shanghai, Asia is nothing if not alive. Ancient cultural traditions. Exotic wild places. Dense, whirring cities. Come taste life in all its glory!

E.g., 2014-07-24
The Silk Road is one of the world's oldest trade routes. Along it, armies, traders and explorers passed through some of the world's most inhospitable lands. It
Trip Code: euu
Duration: 121 days
From Price: $8,969
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A journey through the remote countries of Central Asia. You'll stay with nomadic herders, hike in spectacular mountains, cross vast deserts, haggle for goods in
Trip Code: erh
Duration: 45 days
From Price: $3,420
See Details
From Georgia, an amazingly friendly country with a great tradition of hospitality, to Azerbaijan, an often misunderstood destination, to Turkmenistan, a land of
Trip Code: zta
Duration: 17 days
From Price: $1,148
See Details

Embark on a truly momentous journey and traverse nearly half of the globe from Singapore to London on a contemporary interpretation of the First Overland rou

Trip Code: FASL
Duration: 55 days
From Price: $14,605
See Details
This mother of all Asian overlanders takes in the top sites across the breadth of a vast and varied continent. Explore the fabled cities and monuments of the Si
Trip Code: pcib
Duration: 37 days
From Price: $8,995
See Details
Follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great to explore the Persian empire in this Western Silk Route adventure. Travelling through Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaija
Trip Code: IKY
Duration: 55 days
From Price: $4,221
See Details
A fabulous adventure that passes through some of the world's least visited countries. You'll travel between Tbilisi in Georgia and the Uzbek capital of Tashkent
Trip Code: ERT
Duration: 30 days
From Price: $2,363
See Details
If you want to immerse yourself in all that is Central Asia then this month-long trip is a must-do. Travelling between Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan,
Trip Code: AKY
Duration: 31 days
From Price: $2,390
See Details
As pioneers of Silk Route overland travel, well take you on a journey deep into the heart of Central Asia to experience the jewels in the crown of this fabled j
Trip Code: STT
Duration: 16 days
From Price: $1,386
See Details
The Greek tale of Jason and the Argonauts has been told for 3,000 years, now you can follow a piece of this history on this Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turk
Trip Code: TCT
Duration: 27 days
From Price: $1,931
See Details
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