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Return to the Cradle of Humanity

Africa: a magical, mysterious land that refuses to be tamed. From lion and cheetah sightings to the thunder of Victoria Falls, the rhythm of Ndebele song and the spice markets of Fez, Africa embodies the spirit of unbridled adventure. Come discover with us!


E.g., 2014-09-21
At first, youll notice the silence. The aching, yawning silence as you glide through the middle of the Okavango Delta. But ever so slowly, as you sink back into
Trip Code: rfdv
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $7,090
See Details
Travel through Africa on an immense journey from Cape Town to Kenya - through African nations rich in natural beauty, history, culture and tradition. Visit Sout
Trip Code: uxoac
Duration: 45 days
From Price: $2,750
See Details
The wonders of Kenya and Tanzania unfold before you on this incredible overland adventure, which goes deep into the heartland of the Maasai tribespeople and the
Trip Code: ygocc
Duration: 15 days
From Price: $1,148
See Details
Travel from Kenya to Cape Town and uncover some of Africa's greatest sights on a journey from the dramatic Great Rift Valley to the beautiful southern coast. Vi
Trip Code: yxoac
Duration: 45 days
From Price: $2,952
See Details
A close encounter with gentle giants on a gorilla safari in Rwanda is an extraordinary African experience that will always stay with you and it's just one of th
Trip Code: yxog
Duration: 16 days
From Price: $905
See Details
Want Africa with the lot? That's just what you'll get on this epic adventure across eleven countries. See Africa encompassed as you tour though Kenya, Namibia,
Trip Code: yxoec
Duration: 60 days
From Price: $3,794
See Details
Travel to Africa and experience some of Kenya and Tanzania's most famous natural wonders on this Active trip for those with a passion for the outdoors. The vast
Trip Code: ygomc
Duration: 14 days
From Price: $2,291
See Details
This compact but eventful trip crosses three countries and takes in two of southern Africa's most famous sites - Kruger National Park and breathtaking Victoria
Trip Code: ubsa
Duration: 7 days
From Price: $1,391
See Details
Visit Africa and travel along the road to Zanzibar through Kenya and Tanzania. Cross vast savannas where magnificent herds of elephants roam, enjoy warm village
Trip Code: yxod
Duration: 14 days
From Price: $878
See Details
Soak up the sights and sounds of peaceful waterholes, meandering creeks and mighty rivers on this refreshing African adventure. Some of the continent's most ico
Trip Code: ybsb
Duration: 9 days
From Price: $1,688
See Details
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