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Return to the Cradle of Humanity

Africa: a magical, mysterious land that refuses to be tamed. From lion and cheetah sightings to the thunder of Victoria Falls, the rhythm of Ndebele song and the spice markets of Fez, Africa embodies the spirit of unbridled adventure. Come discover with us!


E.g., 2014-12-22
Superb scenery and rich heritage: Africa's most fascinating and varied country
Trip Code: aye
Duration: 13 days
From Price: $3,135
See Details
Trek into the isolated splendour of the Ethiopian highlands
Trip Code: tye
Duration: 13 days
From Price: $3,230
See Details
A brilliant opportunity to explore the Omo Valley, home to a diverse and fascinating range of distinct tribal groups. Explore by 4WD with your local leader, sto
Trip Code: pflt
Duration: 14 days
From Price: $3,700
See Details
This is overlanding at its finest a pioneering expedition through the rugged country of Ethiopia, taking in magnificent sites such as the churches of Lalibela,
Trip Code: ZGA
Duration: 21 days
From Price: $1,127
See Details
This wonderful journey is the perfect blend of culture, wildlife, landscapes and active adventure! Travelling through the highlands and lowlands of Ethiopia, yo
Trip Code: egr
Duration: 65 days
From Price: $3,451
See Details
There is, quite simply, no better way to see Africa! Our popular Nile Route, taking you on the incredible journey between Cairo and Cape Town, will give you an
Trip Code: aco
Duration: 142 days
From Price: $8,145
See Details
This is the only way to see East and Southern Africa! Our Addis Ababa to Cape Town overland tour truly gets you under the skin of Africa, venturing from Ethiopi
Trip Code: aao
Duration: 95 days
From Price: $5,107
See Details
Africa, the cradle of humanity, has always been a fascinating continent to the rest of the world. It is where some believe mankind originated from and it has a
Trip Code: eeg
Duration: 66 days
From Price: $3,528
See Details
The relatively unfamiliar formation of the Simien Mountains is due to millenia of erosion. Massive peaks, deep valleys and sharp precipices reaching further tha
Trip Code: pfts
Duration: 13 days
From Price: $3,230
See Details
Standing on the eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley, Harars location gives wonderful views of the surrounding country, with the vast Danakil desert to the nor
Trip Code: pfhx
Duration: 3 days
From Price: $760
See Details
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