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The Silk Road is one of the worlds oldest trade routes. Along it, armies, traders and explorers past through some of the world's most inhospitable lands. It pas...
Trip Code: EHX
Duration: 57 days
Price: $5,280.00 USD
This classic overland route will take you from the splendours of ancient Egypt to the great game parks of East Africa, and a whole host of other hidden gems in ...
Trip Code: ECN
Duration: 72 days
Price: $6,005.00 USD
The Andes are the backbone of South America, dividing the narrow coastal zone from the massive Amazon Jungle. They are home to ancient Indian cultures, a lifest...
Trip Code: JCS
Duration: 33 days
Price: $2,240.00 USD
Cusco is to South America today as Kathmandu was to Asia thirty years ago; it is the traveller's Mecca. You cannot miss Cusco and it's surrounds, the sacred Val...
Trip Code: LCA
Duration: 55 days
Price: $4,620.00 USD
Take a journey which spans this vast continent, west to east, and youll experience some of the most quintessential countries, culture and landscapes of South Am...
Trip Code: LZR
Duration: 40 days
Price: $2,400.00 USD
This wonderful journey is the perfect blend of culture, wildlife, landscapes and active adventure! Travelling through the highlands and lowlands of Ethiopia, yo...
Trip Code: egr
Duration: 65 days
Price: $4,930.00 USD
his trans South America Grand Tour takes in almost all of the continents rich and diverse countries, from Ecuador, through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and B...
Trip Code: JQAR
Duration: 118 days
Price: $9,005.00 USD
The Galapagos are not only a world-famous haven for wildlife, but an incredible archipelago of diverse islands that each offer different experiences. From close...
Trip Code: psnb
Duration: 10 days
Price: $4,935.00 USD
After exploring the grand beauty of Limas streets and colonial architecture, we fly southward to Arequipa. This is one of Peru's loveliest cities home to t...
Trip Code: pspb
Duration: 17 days
Price: $3,835.00 USD
Slurping your food is considered a compliment. You get to wear slippers inside. You can buy beer, comic books and undies from a vending machine. And it's ho...
Trip Code: gcemf
Duration: 15 days
Price: $5,520.00 USD
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