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Bolivia is one of South America's most staggeringly beautiful countries and so La Paz is a great place to start or finish your travels. As you journey through t...
Trip Code: JZA
Duration: 76 days
Price: $6,110.00 USD
This epic and challenging trip takes you right the way through some truly off the beaten track destinations. As well as including the highlights of Senegal and ...
Trip Code: asg
Duration: 71 days
Price: $6,030.00 USD
For some of the best snorkelling in the Galapagos, head to The Devils Crown, just north of Cormorant Point. The Crown consists of an almost completely submerged...
Trip Code: psnd
Duration: 7 days
Price: $3,215.00 USD
Travelling from the stunning beaches of the Caribbean through to the heartlands of the Inca in Peru has always meant a journey through the Andes. But now Dragom...
Trip Code: JTIR
Duration: 163 days
Price: $10,760.00 USD
Chicken without a sex life, spiced salt blows up pig hand, hot temptation of frog, palace spicy chicken explosion... they sound like strange animal diseases but...
Trip Code: gcsc
Duration: 12 days
Price: $1,540.00 USD
The Yangtze River winds, ducks and climbs through the heart of China before coming to an end in the East China Sea, near Shanghai. At around 6,380 kilometres lo...
Trip Code: pcyb
Duration: 14 days
Price: $3,560.00 USD
A lil loop in a lil land. Start off with a dawdle around Quito, then zip out to the jungle for some Amazon action. Get your adrenaline kicks in Banos or just p...
Trip Code: gsec
Duration: 9 days
Price: $600.00 USD
Think of this trip as South Americas best Europe impression. Santiagos got sass and vineyards, Pucon has hiking and whitewater rafting. Argentinas Lake District...
Trip Code: gssr
Duration: 13 days
Price: $1,600.00 USD
Slurping your food is considered a compliment. You get to wear slippers inside. You can buy beer, comic books and undies from a vending machine. And it's ho...
Trip Code: gcemf
Duration: 15 days
Price: $5,520.00 USD
This is a journey across the Roof of the World, where youll cross high mountain passes up to 5000m, the highest plateau in the world, encounter an area infused...
Trip Code: HTC
Duration: 31 days
Price: $2,570.00 USD
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