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Discover a different side of China, one far away from the usual tourist trail in Chinas remote west. Beginning at the famous market town of Kashgar, youll follo...
Trip Code: ZKX
Duration: 22 days
Price: $2,450.00 USD
No visit to South America would be complete without Peru and so Lima is a perfect place to start or finish your travels. Situated below the Andes in the bone dr...
Trip Code: JLR
Duration: 93 days
Price: $6,845.00 USD
This is a journey that will see you travel to the ends of the earth and beyond overlanding across the South American continent, west, south and east. Starting ...
Trip Code: JSA
Duration: 56 days
Price: $4,955.00 USD
Crossing 3 countries this epic month-long trip takes you right to the heart of magical Burma. The trip begins in the lush, tropical landscapes of Southern China...
Trip Code: ZKB
Duration: 28 days
Price: $3,050.00 USD
For some of the best snorkelling in the Galapagos, head to The Devils Crown, just north of Cormorant Point. The Crown consists of an almost completely submerged...
Trip Code: psnd
Duration: 7 days
Price: $3,125.00 USD
Travelling from the stunning beaches of the Caribbean through to the heartlands of the Inca in Peru has always meant a journey through the Andes. But now Dragom...
Trip Code: JTIR
Duration: 163 days
Price: $10,760.00 USD
The Rio Carnival is the greatest party on earth - an amazing spectacle of colour and costumes set to the sultry sounds of samba music. It's a once in a lifetime...
Trip Code: RTI
Duration: 6 days
Price: $1,580.00 USD
Peru has long captured the imagination of adventure travellers from all over the world. From Lima we fly to Cusco the imperial Inca capital. We visit the Sacre...
Trip Code: psih
Duration: 13 days
Price: $3,295.00 USD
Lima to La Paz. What a guy. Pitter-patter about Limas historical centre, spot birds in the Ballestas Islands and swan about lovely Cuzco before taking on the In...
Trip Code: gsaa
Duration: 21 days
Price: $2,020.00 USD
Discover Durbans urban scene then make for the Drakensberg mountain range. Lord it up in the Kingdom of Lesothos stately highlands. Spot elephants and lesser-si...
Trip Code: gagp
Duration: 13 days
Price: $975.00 USD
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