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For some of the best snorkelling in the Galapagos, head to The Devils Crown, just north of Cormorant Point. The Crown consists of an almost completely submerged...
Trip Code: psnd
Duration: 7 days
Price: $3,035.00 USD
The Galapagos are not only a world-famous haven for wildlife, but an incredible archipelago of diverse islands that each offer different experiences. From close...
Trip Code: psnb
Duration: 10 days
Price: $5,130.00 USD
Rightly celebrated by National Geographic Adventure Travel magazine as one of the world's greatest treks, exploring Salkantay is an adventurous journey into...
Trip Code: psah
Duration: 10 days
Price: $1,950.00 USD
In colourful Nairobi we check out fantastic African crafts, feed giraffes and spend time with baby elephants. In the Great Rift Valley lakes, we hope to see tho...
Trip Code: ptea
Duration: 12 days
Price: $5,950.00 USD
In these days of remarkable innovation and 24/7 connectivity, there remains something beautifully timeless about Peru. Its history, from the gold of Inca Kings ...
Trip Code: rspp
Duration: 8 days
Price: $6,180.00 USD
This trans South America Grand Tour takes in almost all of the continents rich and diverse countries, from Ecuador, through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and ...
Trip Code: JQA
Duration: 117 days
Price: $8,515.00 USD
This short journey is the perfect introduction to the amazing and varied wildlife that call the Galapagos Islands home, it is astounding how close our encounter...
Trip Code: psnf
Duration: 6 days
Price: $2,560.00 USD
Start off in ye olde St Petersburg, head on to Moscow and check out Red Square, jump aboard the Trans Siberian Railway, hang with locals at Lake Baikal, zoom of...
Trip Code: gctm
Duration: 15 days
Price: $2,875.00 USD
On the floating islands of Lake Titicaca you will stay with a local Uros family. The Uros civilisation pre-dates the Incas and, according to legend, existed whe...
Trip Code: psia
Duration: 11 days
Price: $2,270.00 USD
The origins of Mexicos national dish, mole poblano, are often disputed. One of the most popular stories tells of the 16th century nuns from the Convent of Santa...
Trip Code: pscm
Duration: 22 days
Price: $4,940.00 USD
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