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Cuzco is to South America today as Kathmandu was to Asia thirty years ago; it is the traveller's Mecca. You cannot miss Cuzco and it's surrounds, the sacred Val...
Trip Code: LCR
Duration: 51 days
Price: $3,370.00 USD
Starting in the buzzing city of Rio de Janeiro, this trip cuts through the vast country of Brazil and continues in to Peru. A huge distance will be covered over...
Trip Code: ZRC
Duration: 28 days
Price: $1,760.00 USD
There is, quite simply, no better way to see Africa! Our popular Nile Route, taking you on the incredible journey between Cairo and Cape Town, will give you an ...
Trip Code: aco
Duration: 142 days
Price: $10,610.00 USD
Imagine travelling the length of North America, Central America and into South America. These journeys are for those who really want to travel and experience th...
Trip Code: cas
Duration: 186 days
Price: $14,200.00 USD
A South American odyssey, this action-packed holiday length adventure takes you through the two South American giants, Brazil and Argentina. Starting or ending ...
Trip Code: JBAR
Duration: 24 days
Price: $2,580.00 USD
Weve got temples and beaches aplenty, homestays and markets galore. You want bahn mi and boats? Weve got em ready. Because we care, and youre a big deal, well g...
Trip Code: gtij
Duration: 12 days
Price: $740.00 USD
Rightly celebrated by National Geographic Adventure Travel magazine as one of the world's greatest treks, exploring Salkantay is an adventurous journey into...
Trip Code: psah
Duration: 10 days
Price: $1,950.00 USD
India, Nepal Were comin for ya! Kick off in Kathmandu, hang with the animals in Chitwan, check out Buddhas birthplace (Lumbini), visit beautiful Varanasi, see t...
Trip Code: gini
Duration: 19 days
Price: $1,510.00 USD
Start the good times rolling in Lima before taking to the Amazon for some jungly action. Travel on Cusco for a Pisco Sour before hitting the Inca trail for Mach...
Trip Code: gsai
Duration: 15 days
Price: $2,725.00 USD
Hang in Cairo before leaving solid land for a Nile Cruise. Spend some time in Luxor (donkey riding in the Valley of the Kings) and Dahab (swimming in Red Sea) b...
Trip Code: gepk
Duration: 21 days
Price: $2,365.00 USD
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