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Sloths are so incredibly sluggish that algae can grow on their fur. They spend as much as 20 hours per day sleeping, clinging tightly to tree limbs and often ha...
Trip Code: psrf
Duration: 14 days
Price: $2,540.00 USD
This three-week adventure travels from Perus 'City of Kings' all the way to the giant boulevards and lively nights of Argentinas famed metropolis. Jam-p...
Trip Code: psse
Duration: 20 days
Price: $6,020.00 USD
Slurping your food is considered a compliment. You get to wear slippers inside. You can buy beer, comic books and undies from a vending machine. And it's ho...
Trip Code: gcemf
Duration: 15 days
Price: $5,520.00 USD
Cusco is to South America today as Kathmandu was to Asia thirty years ago; it is the traveller's Mecca. You cannot miss Cusco and it's surrounds, the Sacred Val...
Trip Code: JCA
Duration: 87 days
Price: $6,820.00 USD
For some of the best snorkelling in the Galapagos, head to The Devils Crown, just north of Cormorant Point. The Crown consists of an almost completely submerged...
Trip Code: psnd
Duration: 7 days
Price: $3,035.00 USD
Start off in ye olde St Petersburg, head on to Moscow and check out Red Square, jump aboard the Trans Siberian Railway, hang with locals at Lake Baikal, zoom of...
Trip Code: gctm
Duration: 15 days
Price: $2,875.00 USD
At the centre of the pre-Colombian city of Chichen Itza stands El Castillo, or the Temple of Kukulkan. This Mesoamerican step-pyramid was designed as a living c...
Trip Code: psmi
Duration: 15 days
Price: $3,590.00 USD
Frolic with sea lions, get up close to giant tortoises, watch albatrosses taking flight and gaze upon iguanas swimming theres nowhere quite like the Galapagos ...
Trip Code: psga
Duration: 25 days
Price: $8,750.00 USD
Vive Vietnam! That's exactly what you'll be saying after this action packed adventure aimed at travellers on a budget. We take you from the bustling Ho ...
Trip Code: gtvv
Duration: 12 days
Price: $615.00 USD
No visit to South America would be complete without Peru and so Lima is a perfect place to start or finish your travels. Situated below the Andes in the bone dr...
Trip Code: JLA
Duration: 97 days
Price: $7,520.00 USD
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